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Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Haven for readers and writers of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Enter if you dare...


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THIS THREAD WILL BE POSTED IN BY ADMIN PERSONNEL ONLY. If you have a book you would like to enter... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

THIS THREAD WILL BE POSTED IN BY ADMIN PERSONNEL ONLY. If you have a book you would like to enter into the bookstore, please contact either myself, cavlaster, or happydagger and we will be more than happy to upload it.

As BookRix launches their new BookRix eBooks store, the F/SF admin team decided to set up our own mini-offshoot. This bookstore will feature any Fantasy or Science-Fiction genre works which you, our members,... Show more

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PLEASE check out my books, let me know what yal think!

Leandra A

I made this book with the intention of making something more than a fantasy-romance like please feel free to read it if you have time ^_^

- Leandra A.

You're My First Wish. The Genie's Little Bride  "Once upon a time a young man called Aladdin found a lamp inside a dungeon and made three wishes to the genie that is inside the lamp. The Genie was able to fulfill his first and second wish but w...

This is book is part of a series and will have 8 total. There are 3 books out right now. I'm sure someone would be interested! Id love to check your book out as well! <3

So that no one thinks I am singling them out, let me make this a broad address. Please do not pr... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

So that no one thinks I am singling them out, let me make this a broad address.

Please do not promote your contest books in this forum.

Let me say it again.

Please DO NOT promote your contest books in this forum.

I am not afraid of deleting threads or stepping on toes, but I would prefer to avoid that. This forum is specifically for discussing themes associated with Sci-Fi/Fantasy as a genre, as well as the writing of and the... Show more

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can do

This comment was deleted.

I tend to function by figuring out boundaries and working within them. If I don't know boundaries, I freeze up. :) Hopefully, this helps y'all out. :)

If you're a newbie here, post a comment and tell us a little about yourself. Let's make our forum... By: stevie.grace
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Important Post

If you're a newbie here, post a comment and tell us a little about yourself. Let's make our forum the most connected out there. All of you more experienced BookRix-ers, jump in and let's help them get acquainted with this awesome site! :)

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Silly, as it sounds, the eternal champion roleplaying games are still among the best 'more mature aka for adults' fantasy roleplaying games, which COULD be worth to gather around a gaming table once more. Stormbringer has 6 or 8 editions by now... Dunno about the rest.

Here is my... Show more

R A Rice

Hello Readers and Writers. I just recently joined BookRix and also this group. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.


Hello Russell! Glad to have you here.

Have a book you what reviewed and read by others? Feel free to post your book's link and blurb be... By: cavlaster
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Important Post

Have a book you what reviewed and read by others? Feel free to post your book's link and blurb below. Remember, the more luring you are, the more readers you'll get. Best wishes!! =-)

One, two,!!!

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Howdy folks! Well, there's a spot to do it, so why not post it, eh? If anyone's interested, my current novel "A Vampyre's Daughter" is published here only on Bookrix for free. It's an urban fantasy with syrupy romance, gory violence, a bit of sex and a touch of humor. Fun for... Show more


I can share the following: An unfinished story in the world of Vampire the Masquerade by White Wolf. The protagonists are both revenants aka babies sired while vampire blood coursed through the veins of their parents. They belong to the Bratovich family,... Show more

R A Rice

My first complete 80k word Fantasy novel Tales From The Portal. Would love to have some feedback.

In need of the services of a freelance writer and editor? By: emma
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Important Post

For topnotch contents and highly engaging write-ups, kindly check out

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Fantasy and Science Fiction By: edensashes
3 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Is this group still active on any significant level? I checked both moderators pages and the most recent posts there are two years for one and four years for the other. The most recent post here is four weeks old. Limited comments on posts indicate that few are participating which seems odd given the number of listed members. So before I just look for another group I want to know if anyone here is interested in a writing... Show more


Seems they went thru the warp gates, were beamed-up, met Alien mother, or simply gave up...


I think folks are still around, but there hasn't been a worthwhile post in a while for whatever reason.
Good to see some activity here, even if collaboration isn't my particular thing. But good luck finding what your looking for, edensashes.

R A Rice

I'm still here although I am fairly new to Bookrix and this group. What are the details of the writing exe

Searching for the greatest short stories. By: Ryan
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Important Post

Hello, my name is Ryan Church. I have created a website called A website whose sole purpose is to search out and publish the very best fiction currently being written today. I believe that my site could one day revolutionize the world of publishing. Now, I am sure you think this is, shall we say, unrealistic. Fair enough, but I still believe it. I don’t expect to become the only destination... Show more


Just a quick observation. You want to build our trust, yet you have absolutely nothing on your profile about who you are. Maybe start there. You have a good idea, but if all we know about you is your name and that you're enthusiastic about an idea you have, we've got nothing to... Show more


Thank you Judy, you are right. I will definitely add some information about myself and my life on my profile. I sometimes let my enthusiasm get ahead of me ;-) Really though, much appreciated . Excellent advice!


No problem, lol. I understand.

Teen Time Travel By: Allison Jae
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Important Post

Does anyone like teen science fiction centering around time travel?


I wrote an eight-book series about it, lol. The first three are posted here.

Allison Jae

I working on a time travel series myself. The first is called Meet The Ancestors. Six teenagers all with super powers travel back in time and meet their ancestors.


Sounds like a cool premise!

R A Rice

Yes! Time travel is always interesting.

Marilyn Manson's cover of The Lost Boys theme By: jeffschanz
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Important Post

For those who are into the dark vampire stuff (my vampire stuff is much much less dark, personally), and/or just like "The Lost Boys" movie, Marilyn Manson decided to do a cover of the Lost Boys theme song. Creepy, but cool (what else would anyone expect from MM):

A question for fantasy writers out there... By: Deleted User
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Important Post

I've been working on a fantasy novel for a long time now (seriously, it's been years) and my problem is this: in a world of your own making where the normal, everyday rules don't apply, i.e. vampires exist or people can fly like superman or whatever, where do you draw the line? I think my biggest problem in writing this story is I can't figure out where to put the boundaries. In a world where literally anything is possible,... Show more


For the most part, world-building is a free-reign experience. However, common sense has to have some say in it, and while you can (and should) use magic and that world's basic rules to explain what would be incomprehensible or flat-out impossible in the real world, if you... Show more

Deleted User

I think my problem is I have a one-upper type of personality. I write out some scenario and when it's done, I look it over and go, I can do better than that, there can be more magic than that. It's a problem. Since there are no real set boundaries, I keep pushing them further... Show more


You're most welcome! I think rewrites, re-edits, revamping, on and on and on, is an itch fantasy writers have a hard time scratching enough to find relief, lol. I guess what it comes down to for me is that if I find too many ways to make the book "better," too many new ideas to... Show more

R A Rice

Set those boundaries. Make a list of can and can nots.


Exactly. That's a very helpful discipline.

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